Seeds Quality

Seed MiniLab is a seed quality analyzer, which in addition to perform every research activity regarding to the quality of the seeds, it brings speed in the analysis, therefore optimize the time to make decisions. In 24 hours, it’s possible to obtain results for multiple characteristics of the seeds, such us: Germination Potential, Vigor, Seed Hardness, Individual and Group Conductivity, etc.

This innovative device test the quality of seeds like soya, gram, rice, maize, peanuts, cotton, wheat, barley, peas, sunflower, lentils, beans etc.

Technically this device is suitable for every kind of seed that releases enough nutrients during leaching that allows to measure the conductivity. In addition to individual tests it also can be used for mass method, and even calibrate the equipment with any other Viability, Germination and/or Vigor laboratory test.

Method: Electrical Conductivity
The technique is based on the principle of Electrical Conductivity of dissolved electrolytes.

It consists on soaking the seed in deionized water. Within a period of time, the seed leaches releasing starches, sugars and other proteins that alter the electrical conductivity value of the solution.

The release of solutes is closely related to status and condition of the seed: The seed that more solutes releases is more damaged or weakened.

Testing a large numbers of seed lots of the same species, and its comparison with the respective results of conventional analysis, have established the scale of values that MiniLab Seed Analyzer uses to represent the results.