Seed MiniLab is a highly reliable tool that performs its tests with complete objectivity. Within 24 hours, it is possible to obtain Potential Germination, Vigor, Seed Hardness, Individual Conductivity and lots more.

Seed MiniLab is designed and manufactured under the quality standards of ISO 9001:2008 and Electrical Safety demanded by Mercosur. The metrological quality in comply with ISO 17025 standard for Testing Labs.


  • 1. Multiple Measurement Cap: Consists of 100 pairs of stainless steel electrodes. This cap is placed on the multiple lixiviation cell frame leaving the individual pairs of electrodes immersed in the deionized water within each separate cell.

  • 2. Multiple Lixiviation Cell Frame: Tray with 100 PVC cells in which seeds are introduced with a calibrated amount of deionized water to perform lixiviation process.

  • 3. Dispenser - Water Pump Module: Hydraulic system that supplies water to the PVC cells in multiple lixiviation cell frame and also boosts the water flow in the washer tray for proper cleaning of the electrodes.

  • 4. Multiple Cap for Dosification: Allows the correct filling of 10 cells simultaneously with the calibrated amount of water. Minimizes the preparation time for test.

  • 5. Washing Tray: Washing tray for electrodes that remove biological materials which are deposited over them and leaving them clean for the next trial.

  • 6. Software: The software is developed under the international quality standard CMMI and ISO 9001:2008 and operates well with Windows XP and Windows 7. This software is easy to use, includes operator´s start guide. Its shows measured results, while the test is carried out in a simple and graphical way. Results are instantly stored in a data base for further use. It also issues comprehensive reports in several formats. All information is exportable. This makes possible to obtain the analyzes at different points and share and / or centralize information. Requires minimal training.

  • 7. Desktop PC: (optional) Perform data acquisition and analysis of results by software.